Clinical psychology

Our offer includes:
Professional clinical psychological support is a process of getting to know persons who find it difficult to manage their relations with the outside world, it is recognizing emotional conditions and their significance both in a child and an adult. We help understand reactions and behavior of a child  and our own. We assist a family in introducing changes.
In our work we integrate first of all the approach of the system theory of family together with the attachment theory in a parent-child relation.
We are deeply convinced that the family and childhood records are the best sources to explain and solve the problems of adults especially in their relations with their children and the best way to improve their quality.
Being often unaware of it, parents know about their children the most. We try to help them discover the potential and the necessary skills to manage their child’s problems including illness. They are welcome in our therapy as the most important carers of the child.
Assisting our patients, regardless their age in their own quest  we offer them our psychological expertise, empathy and personal approach to help them cope with their problems and carry out changes.